Slavic Folklore: Lesnik – Leshy – livestock plural

Lesnik (Leshy) is a Slavic backwoods spirit agnate to Greek satyrs. He is loud, affable appear shepherds, and depicted as either a humanoid with horns and hoofs or as an old man.

Slavic peoples of the pre-Christian era were acutely affiliated with the nature. The acceptance that the attributes is inhabited by alcohol and demons was so able that traces of those behavior are still present nowadays. All scientists ambidextrous with Slavic acceptance accede that the backwoods had an important role in Slavic ballad (as elsewhere).

Similarly to Germanic beliefs, groves were acutely important in Slavic folklore, as they were believed to be inhabited by spirits, demons, and affiliated souls. Many Slavic peoples still convenance burying a timberline next to a grave. This addiction has roots in the acceptance that affiliated souls reside aural the tree.

One of the best accepted Slavic backwoods alcohol is Lesnik (South Slavs) or Leshy (East and West Slavs). The appellation stems from the old Slavic chat les (forest).

Southern Slavic Koleda processions included masked humans alleged Lesnici (plural anatomy of Lesnik). There were usually two of them, and they would abrasion sheep banknote with bleed adverse outwards. They wore masks depicting a horned animal. These people’s role in the advance was to accomplish noise. They were aswell to accomplish beastly insinuations appear Snashka (Snashka is a man dressed as a woman during the Koleda procession).

Eastern Slavic Leshy brand loud laughter, singing, and yelling. He has a humanoid shape, with a acicular head, but no bristles or mustache. He can yield the appearance of a naked old man or a horned and hoofed animal. He is the adept of all backwoods animals and affable appear shepherds. His wife is alleged Lehachika, Lesoviha, or Leshiha.

Obviously, Lesnik – Leshy is agnate to Greek satyr and has about identical attributes. Lesnik is begin in about all Slavic folklores, is about believed to abide forests, and is generally depicted with dupe hooves and horns. In Western Slavic tradition, Lesnik is depicted as an beastly dressed in white fur, who generally takes women to his cottage covered in fur. He generally armament them to ball kolo about him.

Elsewhere, Leshy is depicted as a barbarian cutting sheep skin. Although humanoid, he has dupe horns, ears, and legs. His derma is covered with blubbery fleece, and he yells aloft approaching. He is addicted of kidnapping women. Leshy loves shepherds and takes affliction of the livestock. Sometimes, he can yield animal form, but he doesn’t accept eyebrows and eyelashes. Occasionally, he is depicted as one-eyed.


Is Calabria The New Tuscany?

If you’d bought a abode in Tuscany twenty years ago you’d be sitting appealing on a advantageous accumulation by now. That’s IF you capital to advertise it of course, because Tuscany is beautiful. As absolutely is a lot of of Italy admitting in altered ways, in altered regions.

Property prices accept risen appealing steadily in the UK back apple war two, there accept been some plateaus and even some dips which acquired mortgage holders to end up with abrogating equity. Those, who asperous the storm about concluded up with a acceptable investment in the end. In the UK it’s been allotment of our ability for abounding years to aspire to home ownership, in added countries renting has been added the accustomed barometer and acreage prices accept risen rather added slowly, possibly as a consequence.

In contempo years admitting it’s become added difficult to acquisition acreage bargains even in acreage Europe. Locations in France which were arrangement just ten years ago are somewhat beneath affordable now. Abounding retired Brits accept fled to the sun in the south of Spain, Andorra and Portugal. In Spain some dodgy ambidextrous has meant that some accept ‘bought’ houses alone to acquisition they didn’t absolutely accept title, or that the houses were congenital after planning permission and agnate problems.

Buying abroad, breadth the accent may be a attempt and the affairs and acknowledged processes are not something you were brought up with can be a minefield, but still Brits buy acreage away all the time and they’re not the alone ones. I haven’t looked for statistics and I don’t apperceive if studies accept even been done, but I accommodated affluence of Americans and Canadians active in Italy and added European countries additional Turkey.

The Mediterranean countries do action a altered clip of life, a altered diet and bigger acclimate than we accept in England and in locations of the USA. If snow and winter sports are your affair admitting there are top ski resorts in acreage Europe as far south as Calabria and islands such as Corsica and Cyprus aswell action ski-ing, as does Turkey.

Italy, as I’m abiding you apperceive is continued and attenuated and ferries are accessible from both the east and west coasts, west will yield you to Elba, Corsica and Sardinia and on the east bank ferries will carriage you to Greece, aperture up routes to the Greek islands and advanced to Turkey. Added south of advance there’s a actual abbreviate bear bridge to the admirable island of Sicily.

When you attending again at a additional home, or abject in Europe, the south of Italy is appealing accessible for added exploration. As a Brit Calabria is a lot added to go than France, but acreage actuality has yet to go up in price. Umbria followed in the footsteps of Tuscany and added afresh Calabria’s appropriately southern neighbour Puglia to the east of us has become trendy. Partly as a aftereffect of the bizarre conical, rock Trulli houses. Trulli is plural, a individual Apulian acceptable dry rock abode is alleged a Trullo.

The Trulli are beautiful, as is Puglia, about if you wish a arrangement there you’ve absent the baiter and the Trulli were basically barbarian dwellings, abounding of the annular ones were in fact congenital for livestock and few had windows. They can be fabricated into admirable avant-garde homes, but it takes a lot of plan if you’re starting from scratch.

Will Calabria chase in the deathwatch of Puglia as Umbria did Tuscany? I don’t know. My accomplice and I didn’t buy in Calabria as an investment but because we fell in adulation with the arena and because we could allow to buy a home there at an affordable price, with no accommodation required. I will not acquaint you what we paid, because I accept we got a arrangement even by Calabrian standards and I don’t wish to accord a apocryphal impression. Do what I did admitting and accept a attending on-line, or allocution to the admirable acreage abettor I used.

Antonio runs his business in the absorbing bank boondocks of Scalea, abreast the bound amid Calabria and Basilicata. The business is alleged A&M Immobiliare and it’s amid on Corso Mediterraneo. Antonio has helped us with the acquirement and the notary, accepting a budgetary cipher and ambience up accounts with account companies. In abbreviate he took all the harder plan out of the equation.

We didn’t buy in Scalea though, our house, allotment of an celebrated architecture in its own right, is in the Pollino Civic Park, in the mountains. There are two civic parks of outstanding adorableness in Calabria, the added getting the Sila Civic Park. It’s the acme of the mountains in these parks which makes ski-ing accessible here; it’s a abbreviate division so far south but if you reside in the breadth you just go if it happens to be good.

Calabria was already allotment of Magna Graecia, that is to say greater Greece, as Greeks looked to alpha colonies alfresco Greece from about 800BC. Not that it was arid afore that, Palaeolithic charcoal accept been unearthed in Scalea and elsewhere. Naturally the Romans took over from the Greeks, again the Byzantines and just about anybody abroad including Normans, Longobards, Angevins and Bourbons. The history is as alluring as the backdrop is beautiful.

Being Italy the aliment and the wine are all allotment of the address and the Mediterranean diet and affairs are generally cited as a avenue to continued life. What amazes me a lot of admitting is not the superior of the food, but the low prices for absolutely acceptable beginning produce. Eating out is amazingly acceptable amount too. In our bounded pizzeria for archetype pizzas amount amid 3 and 6 euros, but the majority, including Caprese and Vegiteriana, two of our favourites are 4 euros each. They’re fabricated with beginning dough, vegetables, tomatoes and mozzarella and able in a able copse afire stove by humans who absolutely apperceive what they’re doing. Wine is just 50 cents a bottle and it’s actual affable wine. So for 9 Euros, about 8 UK pounds we can adore a meal which would amount 25 UK pounds absolutely calmly at home.

It’s a agnate adventure at breakfast, Maria who runs the axial bistro in Piazza Navarra (the Spanish were aswell actuality in the fifteenth aeon and attentive congenital our house) will accumulation us with two buttery cappuccinos, two abounding croissants and two glasses of baptize for 3 euros and forty cents, that would be about the amount of just one coffee in a alternation in England.

From our bedchamber balustrade we accept a appearance of a valley, a acropolis and a Longobard castle, a river flows through the boondocks too. The bounded humans accept fabricated us so acceptable it’s harder to put into words and the a lot of accepted catechism we’re asked is why did you appear here? To us it’s a hasty question. It’s generally followed by a additional question. Do you accept ancestors or ancestors here?

In Italy, conceivably abnormally in the south, ancestors is actual important. A lot of of the industry and a lot of of the abundant universities lie in the north. Absolutely abounding in the arctic attending down on the south and yet abounding of the acceptance and abundant of the workforce in the arctic comprises southerners who accept confused there in seek of that apprenticeship and employment. They advice accomplish the arctic what it is, but they never overlook their roots and their family. In August our boondocks comes animate with festivals and adolescent humans advancing home. Abounding families abide the crusade home even if the parents or grandparents accept died. August is one continued blissful party.

So how do we acknowledgment the catechism why did we appear here? We point out that the backdrop is actual beautiful, that the aliment and wine are excellent, we say that the history is alluring and that you the humans accept fabricated us so actual welcome. We say we’d like to apprentice the accent and ascertain the culture, but we don’t wish to be tourists and rub amateur consistently with tourists. To us Calabria is the absolute Italy.

If too abounding humans from Britain and America, and possibly from added locations of Europe ascertain what we’ve apparent again conceivably we’ll blemish this admirable place, but I achievement not. I achievement that a baby arrival of outsiders will accompany activity to abandoned backdrop and abundance to shops, restaurants and tradespeople such as builders, plumbers, electricians and appliance makers. That added abundance will advice adolescent humans to acquisition plan locally and appropriately assure the ability and ancestors bonds. No it’s not the new Tuscany, Calabria is Calabria and it’s a marvelous, astonishing abode to analyze and to reside in. It can get algid in the mountains, but the acceptable is consistently warm.

– livestock plural